As a counselor for both in-class and 10 hour online alcohol awareness classes, I have discovered four keys to help my students stay sober. There is no greater goal of an alcohol class than to prevent relapse and recidivism.

By far the most important factor in staying sober is not to have alcohol in the house. There is no way a person with a drinking problem will be able to continually resist the urge to drink if booze is a constant, physical presence in the home. While it may be possible to stop for a while, eventually the mind will relent and you will drink again. Again, the rule is no alcohol beverages in your living quarters.

A second key factor in staying sober is not to associate with people who drink. This includes a spouse or significant other. If you are to stay sober, those around you cannot be drinking. At least early on in your sobriety you can’t go hang out in bars and try to stay sober. This is just like having booze in the house. Don’t tempt yourself. Don’t go to parties where alcohol is being served. Don’t put yourself in a position to relapse.

The third key is to find activities that you can do instead of drinking. This means that instead of maybe playing pool at night or going bowling where drinking is common, pick something where the participants usually don’t drink. Rock climbing or ballroom dancing are good examples where drinking isn’t an integral part of the activity.

A fourth key is to be open about your drinking problem. Even if you don’t want to broadcast your problem to everyone, find at least one person you can share with. You need to be held accountable for your actions. You need someone to share your experience with.

Those four things plus a good 12 hour alcohol awareness class form the basic platform necessary to get sober and live an alcohol-free life.

Four Things to Keep You Sober and Healthy