Nowadays with kids being surrounded by the influence of video games and the Internet it’s no surprise that any concerned parent will want to look into ways to keep not just their kids happy and healthy, but their whole family happy and healthy.

Unlike adults, kids often can’t see the purpose of exercise for exercises sake. For this reason it often helps to incorporate a bit of fun into the exercise you plan on doing together as a family. Though you may already have some of your own ideas regarding what you can do together – consider looking into some of the following four healthy, fun activities so to get, and keep, your kids excited about exercise.

Jumping on a Trampoline

Few activities will make both you and your kids as exhausted as jumping on a trampoline – in a good way of course! Not only is jumping on a trampoline incredibly good for your health, as it works out almost every muscle group, it’s also very convenient, as most of us have the capacity to install a trampoline in our back yards. Once it’s installed, all it takes it one hop to get the family back on it – you don’t even have to leave the house.

Unlike some of the other healthy, fun activities in this list, often your kids will tire very quickly when jumping up and down on their trampoline, which makes it a great way to keep them healthy with a daily dose of exercise before putting them to bed in the evening.

Roller Skating

Roller skating is an activity which is constantly dipping in and out of mainstream popularity with the decades. Despite these dips, it’s a sport that remains consistently popular with families across the world, especially families that see the benefit learning to roller-skate brings to their child’s ability to balance, as well as the increase in strength in their legs.

It should be noted that roller skating isn’t an appropriate activity for your very young children. Though younger children often enjoy it, the danger of them falling over should always be placed in the top of your mind, and though a helmet and pads can soften most of this blow, it’s still something you don’t want to encourage.


Similar to the last point about roller skating, family biking is an activity that should only take place once your children are old enough to be able to ride a bike with minimum issues (such as collisions and falling off). Once they are at this stage, however, biking is an excellent healthy, fun activity for you to undertake with your kids, especially if you live in a particularly beautiful part of the world.

Biking has become something of a fitness trend over the last decade or so. Though for a long time it was simply a means of getting from one point to another, it has since become a way for individuals and families alike to get into shape while truly enjoying the experience of cool air blasting against their cheeks as they ride, side by side, either in the city or out deep into the countryside.

Family Running

Family running is the one activity in this list that may take you a while to convince your children the benefits of, as let’s face it, it can often take a while to convince us adults of its benefits.

In the beginning your kids may struggle, but over time they’ll come to enjoy running just as much as you do. When you run together in a group, it will be easy to keep pace with each other so long as your kids lead the group and you stay a close distance behind. This will also help to booth their confidence in the activity, and therefore make them more excited to go out on a family run with you next time you suggest it.

In conclusion, nowadays with kids being surrounded by the influence of video games and the Internet it’s no surprise that you’d want to look into ways to keep them happy and healthy. For this reason, look into healthy and fun family activities such as jumping on a trampoline, roller skating, biking, and running.

Four Healthy, Fun Activities for You and Your Family